Recent studies have shown that the country’s unemployment rate is extremely low, which is quite dangerous for America’s corporate industry. It’s alarming because the demand to hire more people outweighs the number of job applicants in any industry. One of the most common reasons people avoid corporate jobs is the lack of salary and benefits.

According to Clutch, most employees prioritize health insurance as part of their contract when applying for jobs. If you run a business, whether big or small, you should remember that your company operates because of your team. You must take care of your employees by providing them with proper compensation and offering health and wellness benefits.

A common misconception that business owners make is believing that bigger businesses are more required to offer medical insurance to their staff. On the contrary, small businesses can still guide and support their employees in receiving the benefits they rightfully deserve.

If you’re running a business, you should consider getting group health insurance for your team. Below are the top three reasons that will help convince you to get health and wellness benefits for your employees:

1. Benefits are more important than salary

As mentioned earlier, it is a requirement for most employees that the company offers them health insurance in their contracts. Sometimes, this is more important than the salary they receive.

Most businesses today will offer better options for health benefits rather than a higher salary. According to the 2016 AFLAC Workforce Report, 60% of employees would take a job that provides better insurance, even if they may get lower pay. Having better benefits than other companies can increase your chances of having more job applicants.

2. Benefits improve the workplace environment and encourage productivity

When your employees know that they are being cared for, you create a positive working environment for them. Employees want to be part of a company that has a purpose and prioritize their team’s well-being. These elements help create a workplace culture that is genuine and focused on growth.

When your company doesn’t offer benefits, your employees’ physical health and productivity can be compromised. Employees won’t work at their best when they know that they aren’t going to get anything but a salary. This won’t motivate them to work harder because they are watching their health rather than putting out quality work.

3. Benefits are now customizable

Most employees would rather have consistent access to their doctors and hospitals. This is entirely understandable, which is why you should offer medical insurance options that can cater to them.

Whether you own a small business or not, you must build your insurance policies around your employees’ needs. This enables your employees to manage and take control of their health while doing their best to contribute to the company’s growth.


One way to keep your company operating at its best is by making sure everyone in your team is healthy and happy. You can do this by offering the right medical insurance to your team. Taking time to speak to an insurance company and your employees about the benefits you can offer will improve office productivity and workplace culture. It’s crucial that you keep your company healthy, happy, and protected by proper health and wellness benefits.

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