As we all know, HIPAA is the law, and compliance with the law is a requirement of every company doing business in the United States. But the question seems to repeatedly arise: What, if any, are the business benefits of compliance other than staying out of trouble? The answer, outlining the numerous company benefits received from providing employees with HIPAA protection, are contained in the following article.

For starters, going through the risk analysis required by HIPAA will provide clear guidance about how and where business operations can be made more secure against the growing threat of electronic attacks and disruptions. By taking prudent steps to strengthen the business systems, networks and processes of any company, that business will be better able to stand up to these potentially harmful threats and recover much faster. These benefits include being able to find cost-effective ways of increasing the operational resilience of a company by becoming informed and proactive. The right steps taken at the right time will assuredly increase a company’s productive uptime and make for smoother, more reliable operations.

Any time one company enters into business relationships with another, each party wants to be sure they are making the right choice of partner. Each one will do their due diligence to improve their chances of establishing an absolute and universal agreement that a good decision was in fact made. Well-executed risk remediation programs and the presence of expert, certified staff members provide the very best evidence to support such a decision.

They show not only that compliance is in place and effective, but they also demonstrate management’s active and informed involvement in a company providing ongoing and quality operations. They show awareness of the critical importance of continuous improvement in both their people and their business processes, as well as a commitment to prudent control and risk management in their own shop, so that they reduce the risk to their partners as well.

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