Truth is that a do-it-yourself human resource (HR) strategy for any business is rarely successful. That’s because human resource management does not just represent one aspect of managing people; it is a broad and complicated function. In our modern world, HR includes numerous functional areas like recruitment and selection, employee and labor relations, performance management, training and development, organizational development, compensation and benefits, and records management.

Today’s businesses, facing complex and new people issues, no longer support the old HR “add-on” strategy of simply adding the HR responsibilities to a front-line operational manager. It doesn’t matter whether your organization is big or small, human resource management matters. In fact, human resources starts and ends with your business.

Below this article has outlined what a human resource role in any organization can do and how a human resource professional can help make your business successful.

Meeting customer needs – What organizational skills and capabilities are needed to ensure your products or services not only reach your customer on time, but meet their specific needs. Will new employee skills be needed as your products/services change to meet market demand? A human resource professional can help by conducting needs assessments, sourcing training and/or developing programs inhouse.

Responding to market trends – What are the trends for your industry? Are you downsizing? What plans are you making for this strategy? Who do you need to keep, how will you decide? Or, are you in growth mode? How many staff do you need and where can you find them? A human resource professional can put the strategy and systems in place to handle both of these organizational situations.

Confronting change – The world is speeding along at so fast a rate that managing change is now a daily issue. What changes is your business being confronted with? What will the impact be on your employees? How will you manage the transition? A human resource professional can act as your change champion, planning for all the stages of change and managing the process.

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