What is Our Process?

At Abbot Benefits Group, we are your employee benefits partners and we aim to make our process of providing and managing benefits simple and seamless for you.
  • Collect group information and employee census
  • Analyze current benefits package, claims data, group risk profile, and employee demographics.

Getting to Know You

  • Quote and negotiate with carriers
  • Prepare intuitive comparison of marketing results


Consultative Decision Making

  • Use available information to make informed decisions for you and your employees
  • Focus on long term benefits enrollment meetings


  • Engage employees
    • Employee benefits enrollment meetings
    • Enrollment guides, videos, and associated materials
  • Insurance carrier paperwork and implementation
  • Required compliance notices
  • Payroll integration

Get Started

  • Year round administrative assistance
  • Year round claims assistance
  • Year round HR and compliance assistance


Insurance That Covers All Your Needs

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More Than 35 Years in the Industry

Abbot Benefits Group knows insurance inside and out.

The health insurance industry is constantly changing. From updated regulations to emerging policy trends, our 35 years of experience gives us deep expertise to leverage in insurance benefits management. Put our industry expertise, relationship development, and commitment to excellence to work for you.