When it comes to offering healthcare benefits to their employees, many companies are starting to catch up. Nearly 90% of employees in mid-sized to large companies are entitled to medical benefits, but not all of these benefits are offered equally across the board.

While some companies readily have dental insurance available, they may be missing out on offering vision benefits, even though a high percentage of adults require some degree of vision correction. If your company is making plans to revise your benefits scheme with a reputable company for health insurance, then here are some reasons to consider making one of those benefits for optical health.

It Demonstrates Care for Employees

Everybody relies on their eyesight to get everyday tasks done, both at work and in their personal lives. By providing a benefit that covers this essential need, employers are demonstrating care for their employees. Vision insurance doesn’t just cover the need for corrective glasses—it also covers the entire spectrum of eye concerns that a person might develop immediately or over time, such as glaucoma and cataracts.

Abnormalities in an employee’s vision can also help detect signs of more serious conditions, such as hypertension, high levels of cholesterol, and diabetes, among others. Offering optical benefits will allow early diagnosis so that your employee can receive the needed treatments before minor issues become more complicated and difficult to treat. By reducing their long-term healthcare costs and sick days, you can contribute to maintaining their health while keeping productivity and morale high at work.

It Keeps Productivity High

If you have employees who are struggling with vision problems that aren’t getting treated, then it will affect their daily performance and the company’s bottom line. Issues like blurriness and eye strain can make it difficult to do basic tasks and even lead to other problems, like itching, headaches, and light sensitivity. Employees who are experiencing such symptoms will likely find it extremely difficult to work. 

The type of work the employee is doing can affect the health of their eyes. Those who spend most of their working hours looking at screens may develop a condition called digital eye strain. Long term exposure to screens can have adverse effects, especially when looking at words or numbers that cause the eye muscle to work extra hard.  Offering vision benefits will allow employees to take the necessary eye exams and corrective lenses needed to eliminate discomfort at work.

It Promotes Recruitment and Increased Retention

One of the biggest factors influencing candidates to accept or reject job offers from your company is the benefits scheme. Healthcare is the most attractive benefit for those looking for work since it shows how much the company values the welfare of its employees.

Adding another health benefit like vision care to your compensation package through employee health insurance management can give you an edge in recruiting. As current and prospective employees see the lengths to which you, as their employer, are willing to go to ensure their health, you may enjoy the benefits of increased retention and employee loyalty!


One of the best ways to compensate and take care of your employees is by offering a comprehensive health benefits package. Although perks like flexible hours or bonuses are great, having more medical benefits will always be a greater priority for most people. Medical expenses are some of the greatest that people will have to make at some point in their life and reducing the need to spend as much for certain treatments will let your employees know that you value them. Are you looking for a provider of vision insurance benefits for your business? The Abbot insurance brokers from Abbot Benefits Group helps small and medium-sized businesses in Texas by providing employee benefits packages for their use. We offer vision, dental, medical, life, and disability insurance for businesses ranging from 2 to 250 employees. Contact us today!