Professionals consider various factors when applying for jobs, such as salary, location, company culture, and contractual agreements. They also take company health insurance into account. In fact, a survey released by America’s Health Insurance Plan (AHIP) showed that 71 percent of Americans are satisfied with their current employer-provided health coverage, while 56 percent stated that their health coverage is a major factor why they choose to stay at their current job. In other words, employer-sponsored health coverage is crucial for employee retention.

To ensure everyone is happy with their employer-provided insurance, here are some innovative ways to offer the best health plans:

  1. Listen to your employees

Your employees know what they want from their health benefits, so make sure to listen to their concerns. For instance, since mental health is as important as physical health, discuss with them how you can help them deal with mental health issues as concerns. It may be a sensitive issue for some of your team members, so treat each discussion with confidentiality. Doing this makes you a responsible employer. As a result, you can boost your team’s morale and productivity, shaping your company’s positive work culture.

  1. Develop health-promoting initiatives

Consider implementing health programs to boost their overall well-being, such as creating wellness challenges that encourage them to get moving during lunch or before and after work. You can also provide them with a digital platform where they can track their progress online.

In addition, consider giving the flexibility to use your employees’ health benefits. Generally, taking time away from work to take advantage of health coverage can be challenging. It can affect your productivity and day-to-day operations, even if you have sick days you can use. Therefore, offer them “healthy days” so they can access preventative care services. Seek employee health insurance management services to implement these health-promoting initiatives. Doing this encourages your workers to stay in shape and can significantly reduce absenteeism.

  1. Incorporate the value-based design into your health plans

Value-based design (VBD) allows you to spend more on health plans that help your employees improve their well-being, and less on those that don’t. It favors insurance that pays a greater share of the cost for effective services and raises the fees for those proven to be ineffective. Unfortunately, laws and regulations have hindered VBD’s wider use.

As a business owner, look for ways to incorporate this approach into your health plans. You can change government policies to make high deductible health plans (HDHPs) flexible to cover high-value healthcare services. This way, your employees can get access to the services they need.


Having a limited budget may hinder you from offering health benefits to your staff. You may even be considering other forms of benefits that might seem more attractive than health insurance. However, keeping your employees healthy allows you to boost your business’s productivity and express your care for them. Investing in their health is worthwhile, so follow the listed tips in this guide to start innovating your company’s health plans.

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