Ideally, business owners should be able to provide health benefits to their employees. Since employees are the people who perform the physical work and execute a company’s plans, providing health insurance is the least that an employer can do. However, many business owners hesitate to do so, as they see it as additional expenses and only a luxury that big companies can afford.

On the other hand, when an employer does provide insurance, they often disregard dental and vision insurance, as they think it is unnecessary to have. However, they fail to realize that offering such policies can be highly beneficial for the employees and the company as a whole.

With that said, here are three significant reasons why providing dental and vision insurance to your employees can be beneficial for your company’s growth:

Reason #1: It ensures the wellbeing and productivity of your employees

Dental and vision insurance addresses some of the basic needs of a person and is vital to their overall health. Although many people think that dental and vision problems are relatively less serious health issues, they can significantly affect the productivity and work efficiency of your employees.

For instance, a toothache can cause your employees to lose focus on their job, as the pain can become too overwhelming to bear. When this happens, employees often take sick leaves to receive treatment and recover for at least a few days. The same thing goes with vision. Having poor eyesight can slow down or compromise the quality of a person’s work. Additionally, having no access to basic healthcare can be frustrating and hurt their motivation.

Reason #2: It can save you high health-related costs in the long run

When you undergo regular medical checkups, your doctor will often check your eyes for any problems. This is because many severe health conditions, such as high blood and diabetes, can manifest their early signs in the eyes of a patient. Similarly, dental health is linked to overall health. This is because some serious health issues can also be detected in the patient’s gums or tongue. For instance, diabetic and heart disease patients are likely to have gum disease.

When employees enjoy better overall health, employers are able to find more affordable policies in the health insurance marketplace. This is because employees who have severe health conditions will require expensive premiums for coverage. By keeping your employees in good health, you save on high costs in the long run while also providing for their needs.

Reason #3: It will attract and keep more company employees

As you may know, not a lot of companies offer dental and vision insurance to their workforce. When your business is one of the few that does, there is a significant chance that you will get more employee applications. Aside from that, you stand a much higher chance of keeping the employees who already work for you.

This is particularly important nowadays, as the current workforce is notorious for switching from one company to another. Additionally, today’s employees place a lot of value on their health and the company culture of the business they work for. By offering vision and dental insurance, you effectively address both priorities and gain several other advantages.


Dental and vision insurance may be an additional expense on top of health insurance for your employees, but they play a crucial role in securing your employees’ health and wellbeing. As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide a safe working environment and health assurance to your employees to ensure their productivity, quality of their work, and satisfaction with your business.

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